Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Paxil Birth Defects Facts

Paxil is a common antidepressant that was heavily pushed through the media to the general public to help alleviate symptoms of depression in men and women. Depression is a difficult and taxing clinical disorder to overcome, and Paxil shone through the darkness as a beacon of hope to countless individuals undergoing treatment for depression.

Doctors and the media are now urging women who are or may become pregnant to switch to a different medication as a result of an onslaught of Buy Paxil birth defects. Paxil has been shown to increase the risk of birth defects by at least 50%. Paxil birth defects tend to affect a baby's heart more than any other organ. The risk of Paxil birth defects was not commonly advertised or even well known at the time Paxil was introduced to the market.

Paxil was introduced to the market under a Category C pregnancy risk, which simply means that Paxil was not known to cause birth defects. It has since been upgraded to a Category D, which states there is a high risk of Paxil birth defects, although the effects of passing the medication through the mother's breast milk are known, the benefits carry a higher percentage factor than the risk factor. Any doctor prescribing Paxil to a nursing mother should outline the risks very clearly.

Paxil birth defects created an outrage and naturally the pharmaceutical company was held accountable, although the Paxil birth defects that are still being tallied have the option to file a lawsuit against the Paxil Pharmacy company. Any qualified Paxil attorney can assist a woman or parents in understanding their legal rights.

There is of course the risk of developing a Paxil addiction, which has only complicated matters in getting pregnant women off Paxil for the health of their fetus. Most notably at risk in the first trimester, Paxil addiction can grab hold of a pregnant woman prior to her knowledge of pregnancy. This two fold medical situation has destroyed countless families as they have struggled to put the pieces back together again. Keeping in mind that Paxil is an antidepressant, those taking Paxil were struggling to begin with, and now they have a Paxil addiction and run the risk of giving birth to a baby with Paxil birth defects.

There are naturally legal remedies for a family devastated by the use of Paxil. A Paxil attorney can advise of the full legal rights, but most people will find they have a window of time to sue the pharmaceutical company and in some cases the prescribing physician, for compensation. Financial compensation does not remove the struggle of a Paxil addiction or ease the intense pain of having a child with a Paxil birth defect, but it does allow for the resources necessary to provide medical care both for the mother and the baby.

Any Paxil attorney will tell you, the only thing these families desire is a happy healthy mother and a strong and healthy infant. Paxil addictions and Paxil birth defects are very serious consequences for those who simply went searching for help.

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