Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Paxil’s Usefulness on Getting Rid of Depression

Paroxetine hydrochloride or Paxil is a psychotropic drug. It is used to treat depression, social anxiety disorder, generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. Depression is one such disease which is caused by chemical imbalance in the brain. If this imbalance goes on for a long duration it may result in major health concern at a later stage.

Paxil anti-depressant is available in the forms of tablets and suspension for oral administration. Each film coated Paxil tablet contains paroxetine hydrochloride and inactive ingredients such as dibasic calcium phosphate dehydrate, magnesium stearate, polyethylene glycols and sodium starch glycolate etc. In its suspension form the active agent remains the same while inactive reagents differ. It is an anti-depression drug manufactured and marketed by GlaxoSmithKline.

Patients with a history of suicidal thought and behaviour should not be given the dosage of this medication. Young adults of 18-24 years of age shows more suicidal tendency in comparison to other adults hence the dosage of Paxil should be given to such individuals with proper care. Side effects associated with Paxil are somnolence, insomnia, agitation, tremor, anxiety, dizziness, constipation, nausea, diarrhoea, dry mouth, vomiting, flatulence, asthenia, abnormal ejaculation, sweating etc.

Paxil from GlaxoSmithKline is a prescription drug hence a prescription from a doctor is must to start its dosage. Though this drug gives suicidal tendency to a user of this drug, a doctor prescribes this drug considering its benefits on getting a patient out of depression. If one has problem in getting out of home to consult a doctor he or she can also apply for online prescription for Paxil through various online websites. One needs to provide personal information through such facilities and that way can avail the online prescription. But a patient is to give only the true information on his or her health on such websites as the correctness of the information would ultimately decide whether a patient should be taking Paxil or not.

After availing online prescription one should go for buying the drug. This anti-depressant can be bought from a local drug store or an Online Medicine Store. Buying Paxil from an online store means easy availability of the drug with various discounts. But buying it online also means susceptibility to malicious websites that sell spurious drugs or are unethical online stores duping patients.

In such scenario collecting information from various online reviews can be of help. Through these reviews one can see whether one should go for the drug or not. A patient also finds much information on the customer handling of the respective website through these online forums or reviews.

Buy Paxil with a prescription with a consultation with a doctor. It may be the ultimate answer in your hunt for getting the right anti-depression drug.

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