Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Knowing the Danger of Paxil May Save Your Life

You or someone you know may be taking the prescription drug Paxil for Conditions such as depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, or social anxiety disorder. There is a chance that you never received an FDA-required warning on the danger of Paxil, and this is grounds for a lawsuit. You should find and interview at least several ideal candidates for a Paxil attorney to represent you. You may also find it helpful to contact your elected officials on local or state level for advice on selecting an attorney.

Paxil's manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline (or Glaxo), has gained a bad reputation of dishonesty even with the U.S. government for its habitual failure to produce needed warnings. In 2004, for example, Eliot Spitzer as the attorney general of New York filed a Paxil lawsuit on grounds of several suppressed case studies failing to prove it effective for both adolescents and children.

There are certain symptoms you should look for which show that the danger of Paxil comes from the possibility of making your condition worse. Paxil was first approved back in 1992 but, since then, has been discovered to cause side effects for which information had not been available. It is not recommended to pregnant women or anyone under the age of 18 due to its known potential to create homicidal/suicidal tendencies and birth defects. Other symptoms include withdrawal, anxiety attacks, aggressiveness, and mood swings.

You should let your attorney know which of these have been experienced. Statistically, if you have this type of lawsuit, it is a very rare occurrence; it applies to roughly 5,000 Americans. Since you may face many challenges in finding legal help and only have a limited amount of time to do it according to your state's laws, you are urged to act as soon as possible.

Your Paxil attorney may charge you contingency fees, which are not up-front and only depend on the success of your case. The more relevant evidence you can present and the more experience your attorney has specializing in the field of concern, the more likely you are to be compensated in a timely manner. Cases like these tend to take many months. To offset the danger of Paxil, you may want to ask your doctor for advice on weaning off of the drug.

Paxil is largely untested like other medications that Glaxo has manufactured. You cannot afford to take any chances with your health or life; take the danger of Paxil seriously. You and your loved ones deserve to be put at ease about your future.

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